‘Quite a Conundrum’ Premieres at No/Gloss 2013

A little while ago, I wrote about the inaugural session of the No/Gloss Film Festival, a brilliant festival based in Leeds dedicated to the promotion and exhibition of low-fi and guerilla cinema. I am pleased to here that No/Gloss will be returning for its second year this coming October with a new set of films that seek to uproot the polished and practised aesthetics of mainstream cinema.

One of the films already confirmed for the festival is Quite a Conundruma black comedy from director Thomas L Phillips. Beginning with a debauched and drunken house party, the film takes a sinister turn when the gathering is crashed by a deranged gun wielding one-night-stand of one of the party-goers. Taking his own life, the young partyers decide to cover up the incident leading to a web of lies, paranoia and confusion that will tear their lives apart.

Throwing a skewed and satirical eye at the lives of the rich and beautiful at the high end of the plastic-Made in Chelsea lifestyle, Phillips’s fourth film is an uncompromising thriller in the vein of Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave. Released to rave reviews in its initial festival run State-side, its sowing at No/Gloss 2013 marks its UK and international premier.





Author: Chris Shack

Idiot savant with lots and lots of knowledge of films...and very little else!

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